Lesson: Week 11
by Tom Baker

Lessons and Discussion Questions

Lesson 49: God’s [Love’s] Voice speaks to me all through the day.

God's voice usually speaks in a whisper or out of silence. My experience at the monastery. The part of your mind that is speaking with God is the Holy Spirit. In the Course the Holy Spirit is referred to as "God’s Voice." Unlike the ego, the Holy Spirit is a part of our minds for as long as our minds need healing. While we do not experience God’s Voice as being part of our minds, we do experience fear, attack, blame, and self-condemnation as a part of our minds. We do not usually separate these from our minds, but almost automatically separate Love from our minds. This may be why we seek love outside our selves. As a result we must be intentional in our practice of "trying to reach the place where [we] are truly welcome," which is God.

Lesson 50: I am sustained by the Love of God.

Meditate for a moment on all that we think sustains us. When I went away to camp I became a hypochondriac. I replaced my parents with the camp doctor. Everyday I would wake up with a new ailment. We replace God with all kinds of doctors: dr. marriage, dr. money, dr. sex, dr. food, dr. religion, dr. politics and many more. The ego likes to say that there is always a something that is just out of reach that will make us happy. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us, in our minds, and when we are in It we are sustained by God.

Review I, the first 50 lessons.

This is a time of letting the lessons sink in. If you are new to the Course and need to catch up this is a good time to do so. It is also a good time to see the relationships among the first 50 lessons or ideas we have covered. We are learning a cohesive thought system. The reviews help to make that more obvious. Do the review in a quiet place but practice the ideas in the context of everyday life. The Course is not a withdraw from the world course, rather it is a change of the world course accomplished by the changing of our own minds and the sharing of that change with others (the world).


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